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Varshaver, E., Kruglova, E. (2015). Coalitional Clinch vs. Islamic Order: The Market of Institutions Related to Dispute Resolution in Dagestan. Economic Policy, (3), 89-112. [in Russian]

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Varshaver E. (2014) Tarki-Karaman: Mechanism of a Social Conflict over Land in Daghestan. The Monitoring of Public Opinion: Economic and Social Changes Journal, 5(123), 133-150. [in Russian]

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Rocheva, A. (2012). Research of the Experience of Childbirth among Women-Migrants: Problems of Access to the Field. Sociological Journal, (3), 41-66. [in Russian]

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Rocheva, A. (2014). 'A swarm of migrants in our maternity clinics!': the study of stratified reproduction regime in the case of Kyrgyz migrants in Moscow. The Journal of Social Policy Studies12(3), 367-380. [in Russian]

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Varshaver, E., Rocheva, A., Kochkin, E., Kuldina, E. (2014). Kyrgyz Migrants in Moscow: Results of a Quantitative Research on Integration Tracks. Preprint. [in Russian]

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Varshaver, E., Rocheva, A., Ivanova, N. (2015). Manual for organizing intercultural events. Academia.edu. [in Russian]

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Varshaver, E. (2014). Twenty Successful Events for Migrant Integration. Moscow Institute for Socio-Cultural Programs. [in Russian]

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Varshaver, E., Rocheva, A. (2015). Manual for organizing a sociological study of a locality. Academia.edu. [in Russian]

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Rocheva, A. (2016). Transformation of Gender Relations of Migrants in Russia (Case of Kyrgyz Migrants in Moscow) (PhD thesis). Institute of Sociology, Russian Academy of Sciences. [in Russian]

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Varshaver, E. (2016). Ethnic Boundaries in the Local Communities (PhD thesis). National Research University Higher School of Economics. [in Russian]

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