Manual for organizing intercultural events
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Varshaver, E., Rocheva, A., Ivanova, N. (2015). Manual for organizing intercultural events. [in Russian]


This text presents a manual for organizing intercultural events. The recommendations were developed during the project conducted in 2014-2015, which was dedicated to the implementation of migrant integration events and their impact assessment. In the framework of the project, we studied integration  characteristics of migrants in two Moscow neighborhoods – Kapotnya and Kuntsevo. The study results laid grounds for the territory integration concept which formed the basis for the development of integration events. In accordance with the project results, the authors formulate 15 recommendations to ensure that activities aimed at integration are effective and successful. The first two recommendations relate to the general logic of conducting work on the integration of migrants and the harmonization of ‘interethnic’ relations. The next five recommendations are about developing events while the major part of eight recommendations is dedicated to execution of the events. Each recommendation is illustrated with the cases from the authors’ experience of designing and implementation of integration events in Moscow.

Tags integration practices, neighborhoods