About us

The Group for Migration and Ethnicity Research is a group of researchers who aim at creating and disseminating scholarly-grounded knowledge on human relations on the crossroads of migration and ethnicity in the post-Soviet space. Of special interest for us is the process of integration of international migrants in Russia. Among the main questions raised in our research: what is the place international migrants take up in Russian society and how does the Russian society change as a result of intensive migration flows from the CIS countries. Our activities are not limited with scholarly work and along with it we are engaged in expertize for governmental and non-governmental bodies as well as social activism and university teaching. We are based at the Russian Presidential Academy for National Economy and Public Administration within the Center for Regional and Urban Studies. We are open for cooperation!


A new article "Localized Migrant Communities in the Absence of Ethnic Neighbourhoods: A Glimpse into Moscow’s Ethnic Cafés" authored by Group's researchers Evgeni Varshaver and Anna Rocheva has recently been issued in Urbanities - Journal of Urban Ethnography, vol. 8, #2.

The article which finalizes a wide-scale two-year project on integration of young adult second-generation migrants in Russia got issued in The Monitoring of Public Opinion Journal #2 (2019). We are happy to share the most comprehensive results on the topic with our international colleagues!



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