Integration Events in Moscow Neighborhoods: From Creation to Evaluation of their Effectiveness

Timeframe: September 2014 - December 2015

A huge number of practices of integration of foreign migrants developed for different receiving societies in most of the cases lack evaluation of their effectiveness. This project included designing and undertaking integration events that would fit the Russian context along with creating an evaluation procedures and launching them to study the effectiveness of those events. The events (or series of events) developed were: (1) Faces of a Neighborhood – a short movie contest announced in local schools which implied filming migrants and non-migrants living in a neighborhood as the movies’ characters with subsequent demonstration of the movies during a special neighborhood event; (2) Culinary Workshops – a series of meetings for migrant and non-migrant women which implied common cooking and teaching each other how to cook dishes of ethnic cuisines, (3) Human Library – a series of mediated conversations between schoolchildren and migrants, (4) Intercultural Football – a neighborhood event centered around a football tournament in which ethnically mixed teams competed for the prize. The evaluation included both widely used methods such as experiment and methods specially developed for this project. It showed that these events are an effective tool of integration of migrants.

* The project has been completed in RANEPA with the financial support of the government of the Russian Federation.


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