Migrants in Russia during the COVID-19 pandemic: survey results
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Varshaver, E., Ivanova, N., Rocheva, A. (2020). Migrants in Russia during the COVID-19 pandemic: survey results. RANEPA. 81p. [in Russian]


The report describes the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on international migrants in Russia. It isbased on the survey, carried out in April-May 2020. The survey was launched on Russian social networking sites. The targeting procedure was applied in order to recruit respondents. The overall number of respondents was 2074. Surveyed were both migrants from Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan and non-migrants – for the comparison reasons. According to the findings, migrants were affected by the pandemic and its economic consequences stronger as compared with non-migrants, however their response to their losses was mobilization of resources of migrants’ communites which allowed them to live through the pandemic. Moreover, migrants showed more responsible attitude towards the disease and the measures applied by the government to fight it. The results are followed by recommendations to governmental structures for the post-pandemic time as well as for the case of the second wave outbreak.