The article which finalizes a wide-scale two-year project on integration of young adult second-generation migrants in Russia got issued in The Monitoring of Public Opinion Journal #2 (2019). We are happy to share the most comprehensive results on the topic with our international colleagues!

A new article "Localized Migrant Communities in the Absence of Ethnic Neighbourhoods: A Glimpse into Moscow’s Ethnic Cafés" authored by Group's researchers Evgeni Varshaver and Anna Rocheva has recently been issued in Urbanities - Journal of Urban Ethnography, vol. 8, #2.

We invite you to participate in the research panel on the youth with migrant background in various settings, which we are planning to organize at the Annual IMISCOE conference which will be held in Malmö, Sweden in June 26-28, 2019. [more]

In July 2018 researchers of the Group organized and held a student car expedition to the Middle Volga region of Russia, where they focused on ethnicity in poliethnic contexts.

An article by the lead researcher of the group dr. Anna Rocheva and the head of the group dr. Evgeni Varshaver 'Gender Dimension of Migration from Central Asia to the Russian Federation' was published at Asia-Pacific Population Journal, Vol. 32, # 2.

On November 8, 2017 Anna Rocheva presented a paper "Migration from Central Asia to Russia: Gender Dimension" at The Asia-Pacific Regional Preparatory Meeting for the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration in Bangkok at the invitation of the UNESCAP.

In November researcher Nataliya Ivanova took part in the course "Migrations and Refugees: Cities Experience in Europe", it was organized by Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals (IBEI).

On November 16-18 the head of the Group Evgeni Varshaver and the lead researcher Anna Rocheva participated in the conference "Labor market and Economic perspectives on large-scale Migration in Sociology" held in Mannheim (Germany). They presented a paper "Young adult second generation migrants in Russia: First evidence from the wide-scale research project".

On November, 7 at the Institute for Economic Policy (Moscow) the researchers of the Group made a presentation “Second Generation Migrants in Russia: the Results of the Pilot Stage of the Research”. For the ppt. press here.

On April, 19-20 Anna Rocheva, the lead researcher of the Group, made presentations “Migration, Development and Gender” and “The Outcomes of Language Examination for Labor Migrants in Russia” at the conference "Enhancing economic and social benefits of international migration in North and Central Asia" held by UNESCAP in Moscow.

On September, 22 Evgeni Varshaver, the head of the Group, made a presentation “Integration of Migrants in Moscow Neighborhoods” at the conference “East and West: Ethnic and Confessional Communities” held at the All-Russian State Library for Foreign Literature, Moscow.